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AU Explore is the College of Sciences and Mathematics Annual Open-House. The event is made possible by the dedication of numerous COSAM faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students. There are many ways members of the COSAM family can get involved in the event.

Undergraduate students can:

Help facilitate AU Explore as Science and Math EXPO Hosts, working at the registration and sales table, and aiding/assisting during Science Fun Shops. To serve as an undergraduate volunteer click here.

Faculty and Graduate students can:

Design and host a "Science Fun Shop" - A fun-shop is a 45-minute, hands-on workshop in which students have the opportunity to engage in a science lab or activity and go home with their product! In the past, Fun Shops have included:

  • All About Eyeballs - Kids discover how the eyeball works and then investigate the properties of the eye further through a sheep eye dissection.

  • Build a Motor - Students explore the principles behind how a motor actually works. Then, they build and take home their own motor.

  • Silly Cilia - Kids learn how green algae (Chlamydomonas) can see and swim towards and away from light. Then, they learn about gene problems that affect their ability to swim.

Participate in our Science EXPO - The Science EXPO is an interactive exhibit hall featuring all COSAM departments. Exhibits vary in their complexity, but all expose students to real researchers at Auburn. In the past, EXPOs have included:

  • Live animals

  • Non-living plant and animal specimens

  • Liquid nitrogen activities/short demos

  • Non-Newtonian fluids activities/short demos

  • Physics displays that include: a Reuben's tube, a working plasma source, and video games

Develop and host a Demo Show - Demo shows are large-scale shows that aim to engage a large audience (150-300 spectators) in a science topic. In the past demo shows have included:

  • Herp Show - Featuring amphibians and reptiles

  • Pyro Show - The loudest show we have ever offered!

  • Wet 'n Wild Show - Physical science topics explored in an engaging format

  • Raptor Show - Hosted by the Southeastern Raptor Center

To serve as a graduate/faculty volunteer please contact Kristen Bond at

Last Updated: 08/12/2016